Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 - My herbs ;)

I've finally started up herb garden ^_^*

At the local Spar, we found some chives which I splitted into four bunches and rosemary. These were planted and now sitting in the sunniest of our bedroom windows. Unfortunately, most of our windows are facing north, so we don't get much sun :/
But three of the four bunches of chives have taken pretty well and some are even putting out flowers... I'm wondering what color this one will be...
The rosemary isn't looking so genki, but I stopped watering it in the hopes that it'll perk up. It might actually be a cover type instead of upright, but for now I'm just misting it every other day or so.
We also planted green onions and part of a new piece of ginger... I have no idea how the ginger is doing... could be rotting down there for all I know :| ::gulp::
I put some of the green onions in water for a few days and then planted them. Andras was surprised that food from the store could be planted haha! He doesn't eat vegetables very much...
I smuggled in some cilantro, dill and basil seeds from the states. So far, only the basil has sprouted, but I'm quite excited!

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